Reporting an Incident

Sometimes tempers fray during a game or misunderstandings occur and someone oversteps the mark and causes injury or offence to another person. If you feel that something serious has occurred, you should make a formal report.

Football South Coast (FSC) has developed a Management of Incidents and Injuries Policy to ensure any injuries or incidents are reported and dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner as determined by FSC and/ or any affiliated organisations.


For the purpose of this policy, FSC has provided the following definitions:

An Incident is

> An incident that may involve/require police intervention including violence, use of weapons, or illegal drugs

> An incident involving allegations of a child protection nature.

> An incident that may generate unfavourable media and / or community attention for the football club and Football South Coast.


An Injury is defined as a misadventure that requires:

> Professional medical attention; and / or

> Will require an insurance claim to be submitted.


First of all report the incident to the Senior Ground Marshall. They can either provide you with a form on the spot or you can download one from here.

The person/s directly involved in the incident to complete the Incident / Injury Report as attached in Appendix A. If the injured person is under 18 years of age, a witness report is to be completed by the parent / guardian as outlined below.

Witnesses to the incident including spectators, club officials to complete the ‘Witness to Injury or Incident Form’.

All relevant forms completed and submitted to a club must be sent to Football South Coast within 7 days of receipt of the documentation, via email to, by mailing to PO Box 105, Fairy Meadow NSW, 2519 or by fax 4285 5625 or dropping them off directly to the FSC office.

Any relevant forms completed by persons which were not previously sent to a club, may be sent directly to Football South Coast within 7 days of the injury or incident and FSC will advise the club of the injury or incident and forward all relevant documentation for their information.

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