The club canteen is an integral part of providing much-needed funding for the club throughout the season as well as providing the kids and their friends and families with a range of nutritional treats and refreshments each Saturday and Sunday morning.

This year we are making some changes.  Instead of one person managing the canteen every weekend, we’re switching to a team-based approach.  We need volunteers for match days.  Each graded team needs to provide 1-2 Canteen Reps.  Other parents from the ungraded teams are more them welcome to help out too.  They will get support, training and flexibility in choosing their 1-3 shifts.

We will still need 3 nominated volunteers to help operate the canteen for about an hour for one morning, generally only once a season. It probably works out as one or two hours per parent for the whole season. Of course, if you can help out a little more often that would be great.

The roster for Saturdays is shown below. Your coach/manager will also be notified when it is your team’s turn.

Every team will have a chance to help out in the canteen this season.  If we don’t get volunteers to help out, our revenue drops which means the money has to come from somewhere else (normally your pocket!) or the equipment and service levels fall.

Balgownie Junior Football Club appreciates all the hard work the volunteers provide in making our canteen a success.

Canteen Roster (Saturdays)







> Each team will need to provide 3 volunteers for their allotted shift. Please turn up on time.

> 2 volunteers is enough for the 1st shift of the day