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History of the Club

Balgownie Junior Football Club

Formed in the early 1950’s Balgownie Junior Football Club has a proud tradition and association with our local community and in the last few seasons has had over 600 registered players.

History shows the Juniors Club was formed from a Balgownie Public School team playing in a school district competition in the late 1940’s and into the early 1950’s.

Balgownie Rangers Football Club

Our senior club, Balgownie Rangers Football Club, is the oldest running registered soccer club in Australia. The club was formed in 1883 and played against other social clubs and also between Balgownie teams. In 1890, Balgownie Rangers Football Club was officially registered to play in the newly formed NSW Football Association.

There has recently been some conjecture regarding our claim as the oldest continuously running soccer club in Australia. Just to clarify things, Balgownie was the 5th club to form in Australia. Granville, Arcadians, Kings College and one other club formed a few years before 1883. Since then all of these clubs have ceased to exist with Granville being the last to fold in the early 1980’s, making Balgownie Rangers Soccer Club the oldest registered running soccer club in Australia.

The club is full of tradition and has produced many famous soccer players over the years. These include James ‘Judy’ Masters (who is listed in the Soccer Australia Hall of Fame), Tom Thompson, Dave Ward and Frank Smith in the early 1900’s, George Barlow in the 1950’s and more recently Matt Horsley, who went on to captain the Wollongong Wolves, win 4 National Soccer League titles and also represent Australia. Matt retired from professional football after finishing as captain of Perth Glory during December 2005.

Judy Masters

James William “Judy” Masters (21 May 1892 – 2 December 1955) captained the Australia national association football team in five matches in 1923 and 1924. Masters was recognised as one of Australia’s best players of his time. In over 400 club and representative games he was never cautioned. He first captained the Balgownie Public School team at the age of 12. He then joined Balgownie Rangers Soccer Club in 1904, gaining selection for the senior side at the age of 15 in 1907 after being coached by Tom Thompson, and played alongside Dave Ward and Frank Smith.

Masters went on to captain Balgownie Rangers, South Coast FC, and received representative honours with New South Wales (who he first played for in 1908 when 16, at inside-right), then Granville and Newton after enlisting at the Liverpool barracks before departing for service at Gallipoli and in France. He led an AIF team which was formed in France after the Armistice in 1918.

When he returned to Australia, Masters rejoined Balgownie in their undefeated 1921 championship side.

Masters appeared 22 times for Australia including six full international matches. He was captain of Australia five times in full internationals. His first match for the national side came in 1924 in a B international against a Chinese Universities team on 8 August, when he scored four times. He was captain of Australia in: five games against the Chinese Universities team in 1923, all five tests against Canada in 1924, and three games against FC Bohemians Praha of Czechoslovakia in 1927.

Honour Roll of past Presidents, Treasurers and Secretaries





1958 F. Thommeny J. Masters A. Soldi
1959 F. Thommeny J. Masters J. Todd
1960 F. Thommeny J. Rooney J. Todd
1961 F. Thommeny F.A. Hine J. Todd
1962 V. Milne F.A. Hine C. Fursey
1963 V. Milne F.A. Hine C. Fursey
1964 V. Milne A. Lanyon C. Fursey
1965 V. Milne A. Lanyon G. Souter
1966 B. Anderson A. Lanyon G. Souter
1967 B. Anderson G. Browning G. Souter
1968 B. Anderson N. Roberts G. Souter
1969 B. Anderson N. Roberts G. Souter
1970 K. Birchall J. Edwards G. Souter
1971 B. Upton J. Edwards N. Roberts
1972 B. Upton Mrs M. Spindler M. Prosser
1973 B. Upton A. McMurtrie D. Naylor
1974 A. Walton A. McMurtrie D. Naylor
1975 A. Walton A. McMurtrie J. Vlietstra
1976 A. Walton J. Vlietstra M. Ryan
1977 A. Walton J. Vlietstra M. Ryan/R. Cook
1978 A. Walton J. Vlietstra R. Cook
1979 D. Drain J. Vlietstra R. Cook
1980 D. Drain J. Vlietstra I. Sellers
1981 R. Robertson D. Drain I. Sellers
1982 R. Robertson B. Jenkins I. Sellers
1983 P. Beattie W. Lavery I. Sellers
1984 P. Beattie W. Lavery I. Sellers
1985 P. Beattie R. Screen I. Sellers
1986 P. Beattie R. Screen K. Sweeney
1987 D. Rowles R. Screen K. Sweeney
1988 D. Rowles R. Screen K. Sweeney
1989 D. Rowles R. Screen/R. Wales K. Sweeney
1990 D. Rowles J. Costabile K. Sweeney
1991 M. Vescio J. Costabile K. Sweeney
1992 M. Vescio G. Holcroft T. Gibson
1993 T. Christiansen G. Holcroft T. Gibson
1994 E. Hewson G. Holcroft T. Gibson
1995 E. Hewson M. Bowditch S. Roberts
1996 K. Miller G. Gaspari S. Roberts
1997 K. Miller G. Gaspari S. Roberts
1998 K. Hofman G. Gaspari P. Pinazza
1999 P. Lidden G. Wilson G. Frigo
2000 P. Lidden G. Wilson G. Frigo
2001 P. Lidden S. Galos G. Frigo
2002 P. Lidden T. Noakes S. Rhodes
2003 P. Lidden T. Noakes S. Rhodes
2004 P. Lidden T. Noakes S. Rhodes
2005 D. Green R. Rhodes B. Biggs
2006 D. Green R. Rhodes L. Innes
2007 D. Green B. Mardon
2008 D. Green **
2009 ** D. Buswell P. Russo
2010 ** M. Payne N. Donaldson
2011 E. Canvin M. Payne N. Donaldson
2012 E. Canvin M. Payne G. Leyshon
2013 E. Canvin M. Silins G. Leyshon
2014 E. Canvin M. Silins G. Leyshon
2015 D. Vlietstra M. Silins G. Leyshon
2016 J. Kampen K. Halling G. Leyshon
2017 J. Kampen K. Halling G. Leyshon
2018 J. Kampen K. Halling G. Leyshon
2019 J. Kampen K. Halling

G. Leyshon

2020 J Kampen K. Halling

G. Leyshon

**Wishes not to be named



Honour Roll of Life Members

1962 J. Todd*
1962 F. Thommeny
1963 W. Gavin
1964 F.A. Hine*
1967 V. Milne
1967 N. Tolson
1968 H. Johnston
1968 Mrs E. Gavin
1968 Mrs A. Crocker*
1969 Mrs R. Tolson
1971 J. James
1974 A. Gynes
1975 Mrs R. McMurtrie
1977 A. Beaumont*
1978 Mrs D. McTrustry
1981 D. Errington
1982 H. Hofman
1982 M. Prosser
1982 J. Vlietstra
1983 L. Jarvis
1984 G. Jenkins
1986 F. Kearton
1988 P. Beattie
1989 B. Jenkins
1989 R. Screen
1989 I. Sellers
1990 D. Rowles
1991 K. Sweeney
1992 R. Bone*
1995 M. Vescio
1999 R. Mitchell
2007 G. Frigo
2007 K. Chilby
2010 D. Green*
2016 A. Storey

*Deceased (some details yet to be updated)


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Balgownie Junior Football Club Incorporated ABN: 91 822 455 631
Clubhouse: Para Street, Balgownie
Postal address: PO Box 157, Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519