Registration photo

Every player must have a relatively current ID and or passport photo. FSC have a clear policy on photos – NO PHOTO, NO PLAY.

 layer photos must not be older than 2 years and should be updated at least every 2 years. Player photos can be uploaded to the player’s registration at


Guidelines for creating the perfect photo ID


Before you upload the photo, it is important to be aware of these guidelines:

 1. Clarity: Make sure the background is plain or contrasts with the player’s face enough to be clear

 2. Colour: Photos should preferably be in colour (not B/W) and look natural

 3. Format: Files should be saved as either jpegs or png files. Filenames should also be less than 20 characters in length – preferably just the player’s name and the suffix i.e. Smith.jpg

 4. Size: File size should be no larger than 4Mb (4,000Kb).

 5. Dimensions: The photo should be 122 pixels wide x 156 pixels high (or, if you don’t have access to a photo editor, about 1:1.3 in portrait format). Photos not adhering to these proportions will end up squashed or stretched.

 6. Content: Only the player’s head and body should be in the frame. No other people, or pets are to be included. Try and fill 80-90% of the frame with the player’s head and shoulders. Think “passport photo”. Photos with tiny heads are hard to identify by the Ground Marshalls and may result in missing games because of identity concerns.

 7. The player should be looking straight ahead, not wearing sunglasses or hats. Smiling is optional.

 8. Resolution: If you can, make the resolution at actual size between 150 and 300 pixels/inch. Resolutions below 100dpi or heavily cropped photos may end up looking pixellated or unclear.

 Please Note: any inappropriate photos may result in your registration being declined.

Ground Status

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Click here to check the status of all Shellharbour Council grounds

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Where & when am I playing?

All teams can check their game times & locations at FSC Match Centre – select your Age Group and scroll to find your game.

Ground Locations for other clubs

Balgownie Junior Football Club Incorporated ABN: 91 822 455 631
Clubhouse: 17 Para Street, Balgownie, NSW, 2519
Postal Address: PO Box 3096, Balgownie, NSW 2519