MiniRoos Coach & Manager info

Once you have attended the Coach & Manager Info Day you’ll be able to collect the gear bag and get a lot of other information. The information below is available in this manual.

Football gear and kit bag

Every team will be issued with a kit bag containing:

> Sufficient playing shirts for your team

> Ground Marshall fluoro vest

> Cones

> Training bibs

> A Player of the Week / Encouragement Award trophy (U6 & U7 teams only)

> You will also receive several training balls in a mesh bag including one to be used as a match ball Gear can be picked up from the Clubhouse once team sorting has been done and team lists have been finalised. Responsibility to return ALL gear lies with you and the complete set of items must be returned the week after the season has finished.

End of year trophies will NOT be issued until all gear has been returned.

Balls should not be given out to players to take home or to be used other than at training or on game day. Balls get damaged or lost when given out separately and replacement costs will need to be passed on to all players in the form of higher registration fees.

It is recommended NOT to hand out shirts to individual players to keep/wash after the game. Shirt washing should be rotated each week amongst the team parents, with one player’s parents to wash ALL the shirts in one batch. Ensure that they arrive with the shirts in time for the next game. It may be helpful to align the shirt washing duties with the Player of the Week / Encouragement Award.

Washing instructions:


> DO NOT use a clothes dryer – let them dry naturally.

> Don’t mix white shirts with coloured clothing.

> Try and remove stains as soon as possible after the game.

Damaged shirts/balls and lost balls/cones/bibs can be replaced by contacting the Gear Steward:


The following sets out the maximum number of players allocated to a team for each age group and the number of players allowed on the field during a match:

Age Group Squad Players on the Field Goalie? Match Duration Ball Size
U6 7 (max) 4 + 3 subs N 20 mins each way Size 3
U7 7 (max) 4 + 3 subs N 20 mins each way Size 3
U8 11 (max) 7 + 4 subs Y 20 mins each way Size 3
U9 11 (max) 7 + 4 subs Y 20 mins each way Size 3
U10 13 (max) 9 + 4 subs Y 25 mins each way Size 4
U11 13 (max) 9 + 4 subs Y 25 mins each way Size 4


Training days and times

Generally training times are dictated by the availability of the coach but parents are free to discuss changing times so that the majority of players are accommodated.

You can request a training time on the Coaches Info Night and usually everyone can be accommodated.

Please bear in mind that the older teams tend to train later at night so all MiniRoos should try to train between 3:30pm and finish by 5:30pm with the normal length of training being 1 hour, once a week.

Older teams can train twice a week if required, as long as there is agreement amongst the parents.

Insufficient players for a game, forfeits and changing times/location

If your team is unable to field a full squad, there are several options available to you:

> borrow players from another Bally team in the same age group (or younger)

> ask the opposition to loan you a player or two

> change the day or time to a mutually acceptable one. This request needs to be made by the Club Secretary on your behalf and ratified by Football South Coast and will rarely be granted.

> forfeit the match. Again, you will need to contact the Club Secretary so you can arrange this well before the game. Lack of notification results in a fine to the Club as well as potential loss of points.

Checking your game time

It is your responsibility to check the draw – not the Club’s.

The draw, fixtures and results are published on the FSC Match Centre

A link to the FSC Match Centre is provided from our Bally website home page under “Where & when am I playing?” Reminding just the players (and not the parents) at training – especially the younger ones – is not recommended.

Normally the team manager passes on this information weekly directly to the parents, either by email or SMS/text message.

FSC can, and does, change the draw – sometimes quite late in the week – and the Club does what it can to notify you in exceptional circumstances but it is still up to you to double-check your game time. Any changes will generally be made by FSC by 5.00pm on the Thursday prior to the match weekend.

Ensure that your team arrives at least 15 mins before the game to allow for a warm-up and also to discuss playing positions.

To check whether the game has been cancelled due to wet weather, you can either:

> go to the Football South Coast website

> Wollongong Council website

> Shellharbour Council website

> Kiama Council Website

DO NOT assume that just because it has rained that the game has been cancelled.

Rotation policy

Please keep in mind that it is all about the kids and making sure they have fun. Ensure that all players get roughly equal time and share goalkeeping duties so that everyone has a fair go. It is not about winning.

It’s about enjoyment of the game.

Once the kids reach U8s, it can be quite complicated co-ordinating more than 10 players, but there are iPad apps available that can help with substitutions and tracking playing time.

Coach/Manager – Code of Conduct

Although the Club appreciates you volunteering as coach/manager, the role is not without responsibility.

Every coach and manager is expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour at all times.

Remember, you are representing the Club and you are also a role model for the kids.

Kids look to you for guidance and to test where the behavioural boundaries are.

> If you continually question or backchat referees… they’ll back chat referees.

> If you exhibit an overly aggressive or physical attitude toward the other team… that will rub off on the players and you can expect an increase in cautions, yellow cards and send-offs.

As a more mature and experienced person, you need to provide a calming influence and lead by example, especially when things don’t go your team’s way. BJFC is a leader in exhibiting fairness and good sportsmanship – to other players, game day marshals, opposition officials, all spectators and referees.

Any Balgownie Juniors coach/manager brought before the Football South Coast Disciplinary Judiciary for any offence contrary to the Football South Coast Constitution or the Code of Conduct will also be accountable for his /her actions to the Balgownie Junior Football Club.

Any offence that the Football South Coast Judiciary finds to be proven for which a penalty is imposed will be enforced by Balgownie Junior Football Club. If any further conduct is deemed inappropriate, that coach/manager will be asked to relinquish his/her duties and a new coach/manager will be appointed by the club. The said coach/manager will also not be permitted to hold a coaching/managing position for the following year.

All coaches and managers are expected to read the Code of Conduct which is available on our website.

For serious incidents involving a coach/manager that don’t reach the FSC judiciary but are investigated by the BJFC Executive Committee and are found proven, will result in a written caution being issued.

Any subsequent proven incidents will also result in the coach/manager being asked to relinquish his/her duties and a new coach/manager will be appointed by the club. The said coach/manager may also be restricted from holding a coaching/managing position for the following year.

Setting up and taking down goals/cones

Teams playing the first game at Judy Masters on a Match Day need to help set up their field. Ask Ground Marshalls for help if you are not clear on what to do.

Teams playing the last game on a particular field need to help pack away the goals. Team sheets will be marked “Pack up” if you are the last scheduled game on that field.

Filling in team sheets

Team sheets should be filled in 20 mins before the game and is usually done by the Manager in Dribl. 

Forfeiting a game

When reporting forfeits, please email the Secretary with the following details:

> Your team name
> Date
> Time
> Opponent
> Ground

Please do this as soon as you know.

The Manager’s role

The role of manager is an important one.

> You relay information from the Club to your team’s parents and players,

> Custodian of coach/manager ID cards and team ID sheet

> Confirm match details each week

> Assist the coach on game day

> Fill in team sheets

> Co-ordinate player rotation (particularly if the Coach is the Game Leader)

> Organise the weekly Best & Fairest award

> Organise social activities

> Do your best to create a harmonious team atmosphere.

> Notify the Club immediately if you are unable to field a team due to illness or players away on holidays. Parents should advise the manager if their child will be unable to play.

> Organise volunteers for Canteen and Ground Marshall duties.

Each home team is required to provide a Ground Marshall for their game. A fluoro marshall shirt will be provided in the team bag or can be obtained from the clubhouse. The Ground Marshall shall be over the age of 18 and shall not be a Coach or Manager of a game in progress.

An explanation of a Game Marshall’s duties are available on the Bally website and on-the-job training will be provided.

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Ground Status

Click here to check the status of all Wollongong Council grounds

Click here to check the status of all Shellharbour Council grounds

Click here to check the status of all Kiama Council grounds

Where & when am I playing?

All teams can check their game times & locations at FSC Match Centre – select your Age Group and scroll to find your game.

Ground Locations for other clubs

Balgownie Junior Football Club Incorporated ABN: 91 822 455 631
Clubhouse: 17 Para Street, Balgownie, NSW, 2519
Postal Address: PO Box 3096, Balgownie, NSW 2519